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This course is aimed at Originators, Reviewers and all agency staff and covers the responsibilities of all stakeholders in the review and approval process.

Type: Online Course

Who should attend?: PharmaLex online courses can be taken at any time. Unlike virtual training, online courses do not require a course leader, as they can be worked on and completed independently. Anyone who would like to improve their knowledge and application of the Code in an easy way is invited to join one of our online courses and see for themselves how successful they are.

Three modules plus validation quizzes, approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete and can be completed in stages.

Price: £105 / License

  • Scope of the Code
    • Background to pharmaceutical industry regulation
    • Company liability
    • Agency responsibility
  • Promotion
    • What is promotion?
    • What is non-promotion?
    • What are the principles of promotion?
    • Top tips for navigating the approval process
  • Copy Approval
    • What is origination?
    • What is a job bag?
    • Job bag stages (concept to approved for distribution)
    • Originator responsibilities
    • Audit checklist

Learning quizzes consisting of 5 randomized multiple-choice questions per module, with a recommended overall pass-mark of 80%

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