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For anyone involved with the creation, review and approval of UK company-owned websites. This course is about the creation and review of websites to ensure their content and format adhere to compliance requirements set out in the ABPI Code of Practice.

Type: Online Course

Duration: 4 - 6 hours

Who should attend?: PharmaLex 'Online Courses' can be taken at any time. Unlike 'Virtual Training', Online Courses do not require a course leader, as they can be worked on and completed independently. Anyone who would like to improve their soft skills in an easy way is invited to join one of our Online Courses and see for themselves how successful they are.

Five modules plus validation quizzes, approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete and can be completed in stages.

Price: £345 / License

  • General Code principles for company-owned websites
  • Website content for the general public
  • Website content for patients
  • Website content for HCPs and ORDMs
  • Website content for the media
  • Learning quizzes consisting of 5 randomized multiple-choice questions per module, with a recommended overall pass-mark of 80%

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