Online Course

Bespoke interactive e-learning

For MSLs and MSL Managers, designed to increase compliance knowledge and understanding of how the Code applies to MSL activities. Associated PMCPA case rulings are discussed

Type: Online Course

Duration: 1 - 2 hours each module

Who should attend?: PharmaLex 'Online Courses' can be taken at any time. Unlike 'Virtual Trainings', Online Courses do not require a course leader, as they can be worked on and completed completely independently. Anyone who would like to improve their soft-skills in an easy way is invited to join one of our Online Courses and see for themselves how successful they are.

Series of 3 modules, approximately 3-6 hours to complete and can be completed in stages.

Price: £115 / License

Module 1: Scope of the ABPI Code of Practice

  • How the Code is enforced
  • What happens if the Code is breached
  • What, who and where the Code applies

Module 2: Promotion v Non-promotion

  • Definition and types of promotion
  • Categories of promotion
  • Principles for key areas

Module 3: Code considerations for the MSL role

  • Code requirements
  • PMCPA Guidance
  • Specific MSL activities

Learning quiz consisting of 5 randomized multiple-choice questions per module, with a recommended overall pass-mark of 80%.

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