Virtual Classroom Training

Bespoke interactive e-learning

This extensive training on advanced JMP topics will provide deep insights into the many actions you can perform with JSL. Register and learn from the knowledge of our expert Jean-François Michiels.

Type: Virtual Classroom Training

Duration: 1 Day (each divided into two 0.5-day sessions)

Who should attend?: Assay / process research Scientist, Statistician

JMP is a statiscal software widely used for his statistical capabilities. In addition to the user-friendly menus, a programming language (JSL JMP Scripting language) is available. Thanks to this programming language, it is feasible to automate regular analysis. 

Automate your repetitive analysis using JMP 

  • JSL is used to perform many actions:
    • Implements columns formulas
    • Launches and modifies platforms
    • Creates graphics
    • Shares results
  • Automate regularly scheduled analysis in production settings
  • Save traceability of analysis
  • Build addins

Jean-François Michiels

Senior Manager Statistic, PharmaLex

Jean-François Michiels has a bioengineering degree from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium-2003). He began a PhD thesis in animal cell culture (2004-2011-UCL-Belgium), entitled “Investigation of the role of peptones in animal cell culture: case study of a commercial soy”. In 2013, he joined Arlenda/PLX. His knowledge covers bioassay and process development, the use of Design of experiments and of linear, multivariate and mixed model regression. He is also capable to perform Bayesian analyses. R, JMP and SAS are used as the main statistical software.

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