Online Course

Bespoke interactive e-learning

An experiential program that improves Code knowledge and other essential signatory skills. The e-learning can be taken on its own or followed by mentoring sessions where aspiring signatories participate in a group discussion facilitated by an experienced PharmaLex signatory trainer.

Type: Online Course

Duration: 1 - 2 hours each module

Who should attend?: Aspiring Medical and Business signatories but also any current signatories who would like to improve their skills. PharmaLex 'Online Courses' can be taken at any time. Unlike 'Virtual Trainings', Online Courses do not require a course leader, as they can be worked on and completed completely independently. Anyone who would like to improve their soft-skills in an easy way is invited to join one of our Online Courses and see for themselves how successful they are.

Baseline assessment of 50 randomized multiple-choice questions, approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

Price: £4500 / License*

Series of 10 modules (1-2 hours each) with associated learning quizzes and homework (monitored by Pharmalex mentors).

  1. Scope of the Code
  2. Promotional activities & Materials
  3. Non-promotional activities & Materials
  4. Meetings & hospitality
  5. Field activities
  6. Communications with the public
  7. Communicating with patients and patient organizations
  8. Donations, Grants, Collaborative Working and disclosure
  9. Digital communications
  10. Approval Standards

Oral viva (recommended pass-mark of 90%) covers:

  • Knowledge: Code requirements
  • Instinct: review of advertisements
  • Judgement: discussion of theoretical scenario
  • Decision-making: assessment of PMCPA case

Mentoring sessions discuss homework and practice signatory skills.
*Five mentoring sessions are recommended:

  • £1250 / session in-house OR – £1600 for five sessions (multi-company) with Pharmalex mentors
  • Vivas conducted by PharmaLex are £500 each
  • assessment materials are included in the license fee

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